P/M Lindsay Kirkwood
1959 - 2002

Lindsay was a  member of the Grade 1 Peel Regional Police Band.

Prior to re-joining the 78th Fraser Highlanders P.B. in 1997, Lindsay served as Pipe Major of the Clan MacFarlane P.B. and Pipe Sergeant of the Metro Toronto Police P.B. under PM Jake Watson. Lindsay was also with the 78th in the late 80's.

A St. Catharine's, Ontario native, Lindsay grew up in a family absorbed in the music. The Kirkwoods have been a major contributor to the Ontario Piping and Drumming scene ever since 1953 when the entire drum corps of the Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band came to Canada, which included Lindsay's father James Kirkwood and John Kirkwood Sr. This was just after the band had recently won the World Championship in 1952 in Ayr, Scotland.

Other Family members would include cousins Douglas Kirkwood, who has played with such bands as Clan MacFarlane, 78th Frasers and Simon Frasers University PB and his brother John Kirkwood Jr, who played with the Clan MacFarlane PB, General Motors PB, Muirhead & Sons and the World famous Strathclyde Police PB

It is not surprising that he took up the pipes at the early age of 7 as a student of James Greig (ex-Black Watch), Edinburgh Police, and ex-Pipe Major of the Clan MacFarlane (58-72). Some of the people Lindsay credits with helping him in piping along the way are his mother Elizabeth, who drove him to countless lessons for many years, his instructor of course, and his brother Graham who is now noted for being one of North America's premier drummers.

The chief inspiration and his love of music came from his father, the late James Kirkwood. James was also lead drummer for the famed Caber Feidh Pipe Band under P/M Chris Anderson and then the Clan MacFarlane Pipe Band under P/M Ken Eller.

Lindsay had won all of the major prizes in the Amateur grades before he moved to the Open class piping at the age of 17. He returned to solo competing  in 1996 and has been a consistent prize winner after an absence of over 17 years.

Between trips far and wide to judge and conduct piping workshops, Lindsay taught, repaired and refinished bagpipes and is was making his own piping products (chanters, etc.) in his hometown of St. Catharine's, Ontario.